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Legal coworking

What could be more difficult than opening or expanding a coworking space? Sure enough, it’s the legal aspects which come along with it. On one hand, because coworking is, shall we say, an ‘atypical’ activity under the legal rules established to date in Europe (and also …

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The Spanish coworking reality

Some weeks ago I was contacted by Barcelona en Comú. A new political party in the city. They were interested in knowing the current situation of the coworking sector in Barcelona. Today, there is only 3 days left until the municipality elections is a good moment …

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Happy Working, what an experience!

Happy Working Lab is a coworking consultancy focused on new working models. We offer consultancy for the opening and management of coworking spaces and social workplaces. Coworking training for future space managers. Corporate coworking services aimed at helping companies by increasing flexibility in their business structure through …

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