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coworking training

Picture by Stefano Borghi

Picture by Stefano Borghi

Mentoring for space operators managers

Personalised and practical training aimed at helping workspace operators achieve optimum results for their space and community. The goal is to achieve the maximum business performance results and community building. The training course is adapted to your real workspace project to design and implement the business strategy

Online and Offline Communication

  • How to create your coworking identity: The brand, value proposition and positioning
  • Online strategy: website,  social networks, email campaigns
  • Tone and style of your coworking
  • Offline supports: flyers, dossiers, signage, storefront

Marketing strategies

  • Product and services analysis
  • Pricing
  • How to attract members: Promotion and sales strategy
  • Sales: process and sales funnel
  • Key partnerships and collaborations

Event Management as a key strategy

  • Events as a Marketing Tool
  • Events to stimulating your coworking community
  • Events to capitalise your space

Community Building

  • The community builder
  • How to create your coworking community from scratch
  • Your offline community (group dynamics, co-habitation rules)
  • Your online community (online platforms to manage and stimulate better your community)


  • Business Model definition
  • Specific finance for coworking spaces
  • Administrative management: Coworking software and tools
  • Team building tools to maximize productivity

Action plan to implement the business strategy

We will put on the calendar the whole plan of actions to carry out (communication, marketing, events, construction of the community), detailed with objectives and deadlines, putting all the actions in the calendar for the next 3 months plan.

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