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coworking consultancy

Betahaus Bcn

Betahaus Bcn

Coworking consultancy

We offer coworking consultancy for the opening and the management of private, public and corporate coworking spaces, as well as colivings.

The first thing to ask yourself when opening a coworking space is ¨am I ready?¨ Don´t think that coworking is only about renting a space, making it nice, setting up tables, seats and hanging up a sign. Coworking is about people, passion and serendipity.

Creating a community is key, but you have to take into account the right business model and other factors to assure the success of the project.

We design and implement a business strategy and plan for your coworking space:

  • Innovative business model 
  • Market research
  • Feasibility of the project
  • Mk and communication strategy
  • Workspace design
  • Your coworking team
  • Project launch

Your coworking space is finally up and running. Now what?

We design the adequate strategy to make your coworking space profitable and we help you to enhance and promote business areas that are not working well, such as community building, implementing an effective marketing and communication strategy, event management or operations and processes optimization.

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