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corporate coworking

Picture by Stefano Borghi

Corporate coworking

We organize sessions based on coworking values for the corporate world to increase flexibility in business structure and boost team building and workers’ productivity.

Our workshops are aimed at organisations and companies willing to have a better understanding of their team members, the creation of common values, as well as boosting team management. They also help to improve the efficiency of company and supplier relationship or collaboration between companies working on common projects.

Don’t forget that stimulating your workforce community will do the same for your business.

The new economy comes with innovative work and business models based on collaboration, the coworking culture, and its values.

Coworking is being introduced into organisations to transform the corporate world. This new way of working fosters knowledge sharing and collaboration, accelerates the entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as increases creativity, motivation and productivity of work teams.

We stimulate workspaces and teams

Our workshops methodology combines the coworking values with the following competencies:

Collaborative work

The coworking values within the organisation. We stimulate companies and organisations teams through innovative, interactive and participative dynamics for big and small groups.

Design Thinking

We enable people to activate and fully use their creativity when developing new projects, products or services.


We teach how to tap into that energy that we all carry in us, in order to foster motivation and participation.


We develop participants’ ability to visualize ideas and concepts in clear and simple, yet powerful pictures, so they can communicate more effectively.

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