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Happy Working Lab is a coworking consultancy, specialised in the implementation of new models and collaborative work environments

We accelerate collaborative workspaces (coworkings, business centres, accelerators, colivings, hotels and hostels, organisations and public administrations) guiding the opening and the operational management

We operate worldwide and collaborate with the best coworking experts for each particular project.
Our international team is characterized by its flexibility, multiculturalism and experience.


Latest news

    • Coworking spaces are made of professional communities where members interact professionally and socially, they grow individually and collectively in a community. An active and empowered community is very powerful. In my case, I created the community before opening my coworking space. I opened the coworking with …

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    • Events are part of the content of your coworking space. They are a potential tool for your business: they help you to reach out to potential coworkers and enhance your company branding. They are also used to develop and stimulate your community and are an important …

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    • Coworking is a hospitality business; meaning it offers services to a community in order to provide the best working experience and the proper working environment to ensure the success of community members’ projects and businesses. Coworking sells memberships and other complementary office services, which may or …

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    • CREC team

      Coworking is very young industry; consequently, there aren’t a lot of coworking professionals with experience in the labour market compared to other industries. In any case, if you have good knowledge of the needs of your business, you can design, find and build the perfect coworking …

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  • Vanessa in a short time has become an essential reference for the coworking scene. Her contribution and collaboration to the coworking conference organisation at national and international levels has been relevant in the last few years. In addition, she has a recommended expertise for the creation and the management of professional communities.

  • Vanessa is a great, reliable professional, who can work within any kind of international environment. Vanessa is always looking for the solution and never stops in front of a problem. Vanessa is very committed to any project and team she works with. It has always been a pleasure to collaborate with her.